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Psychic Rune Reading in Detail Part 1

Psychic Rune Readings Psychic Rune Readingsare are symbols inscribed on plastic, paper, wood, rock and any other material. One system of runes is called the Elder Futhark System.

This system originally had twenty-four letters, beginning with the letter F and ending with the letter O. The northern Germanic tribes of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Northern Germany used the Elder Futhark system of runes. Even the name Futhark comes from the first letter of the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido and Kauno.) That is quite a tongue twister!

The word rune comes from the Gothic word Runa, which means a secret thing or mystery. This gives a hint that these runes can be used as a form of divination to uncover the mystery or secret thing.

Psychic Rune Readings are very ancient. In fact some historians say runes first originated among the Teutonic tribes of northern Europe as long ago as 500 BC. Ancient runic inscriptions have also been found in North America. This could make us take a second look at the notion that the Vikings arrived in the Americas long before Columbus, but we wont go there!

Since the runes are ancient, much of what know about them comes from Norse Sagas. The first historical record of the use of runes for divination is found in Tacituss Germania.

Psychic Rune Readings are divided into three families called Aettir. Each Aettir is named after a Norse God. The first family or Aettir is Freyr, the Norse god of fertility. The second family is Hagal, the Norse god of weather. The third family is Tyr, the god of war.

Runes are able to represent objects, gods, people, animals, concepts, and occurrences. The major uses of runes that seem to present in my readings are in the form of concepts and in the form of advice. They help me see what action or affirmation is needed now in order to either achieve the goal sited on ones path or to try to alter ones path.

One good example of the use of runes is a person that has concerns and anxieties over their career. Her words tumble out in a stream of complaints and cries of frustration, My job is a dead end job! Every minute is an hour there! I can barely make it through the day, much less a whole week! Will I get a better job? What can I do in order to get a better job, more money? Taking these questions and consulting the runes, Fehu is drawn. The answer to your question has to do with your attitude. In order to break your cycle of lack, you must change your attitude. That job you just barely make it into on time be grateful you have that jobsomeone else wishes they had that job. Show pride in the work you do, it is an extension of yourself. You will be noticed for this. Start living as if you have abundance in your life and enough to share with others. This advice from the rune Fehu shows that speaking positive and thinking positive thoughts will attract positive energies of abundance.

This is just a small sample of the advice that runes can give you. But note, all tools are secondary when blended with natural Psychic ability. This is just one of the ways I give you my forecast.


Psychic Telephone Readings – Love in the Hands

Psychic Telephone Readings
Psychic Telephone Readings are the most common question clients have when they come for a reading is “Tell me about my love life. – Will I have a happy love life?” 
Since I believe we create our own happiness I will not declare, “You will be happy” or say, “You will not be happy.” However,  as I look over their hands I can help a client understand his or her opportunities for happiness in their relationships. First I observe their whole hand,  front – the palm, and  back – the nail side of the hand, to note what is there to tell me more about their personality and how they present themselves to others, Then, I look to see what can make them happy in a relationship. Next, I study their hand with the purpose of seeing what is predicted as potential relationship activity for this life.

Never think that one element in your hand outline’s the whole story. Always it is best if at least three indications appear to present  the same concept before believing something could be true.

There are some fun Palmistry points and Hand-analysis facts that need to be looked at for checking about love relationships in  the hands. I have marked most of the points of interest for this lesson in black. I have traced a dotted line around a rather large fleshy area next to the thumb in the palm. Palmists look at the palm as a terrain. So can you. Hold your hand palm up and flat in a perpendicular position to your face in front of you and at eye level. When observed from this position the palm looks like an earthly  terrain with high  hills (mounts) and valleys. Palmists have names for each small region of this terrain in the palm.  Usually one of the larger mountains is what palmists call the “Mount of Venus” which connects the thumb area to the rest of the palm. This is the area I have traced with the dotted line.

Within this area- the Mount of Venus – I have marked a grid of intersecting lines with an arrow pointing to it from  the letter “A”.  The mount of Venus area of the palm is devoted to one’s love of life and sometimes shows a fullness to symbolize the depth of  love of life. When this mount is high, fleshy and very full, the person is full of passion for:  life, most of the events that happen in their lives and the people who are within their life. The grid or grille as palmists would call this design found at “A” in figure # 3a,  can tell you that you have “walled off ” your heart  from others lessening your attraction to connect with happiness both internal and external. This grid is usually not found on a high or full mount of Venus. This guarding of the heart, could be happening because you are still attached to someone from the past. If this grille design is simple – which means it is made up of just a few vertical and horizontal lines – it can mean that you are devoted to your present love interest and your heart is dedicated to that person alone. If you are not presently in a relationship the grid could symbolize bars, like the bars of a jail cell, where you keep your heart hidden and safely locked away because you are not sure you can trust someone or yourself  in a heartfelt and committed relationship. This type of  grid can cause great stress in any new relationship once it is underway and certainly can prevent a good relationship from ever getting started.

I like looking carefully for alphabet letters and designs that appear in the Mount of Venus area in a psychic telephone reading to help me read questions about love. Sometimes there are one or more initials of the client’s “significant other” shown here. If you notice there is an initial “T” in the area of the mount of Venus next to the grid in my design of figure # 3a. The “T” noted here is an example of what could be the initial of the first, middle or sir name of the intended love either presently available or upcoming into your life.

If the hand with a grid on the mount of Venus also has a short little finger like the one shown in figure # 3a,  placed by “C”, these two indications will demonstrate that the owner is not comfortable with sharing their emotions or communicating about their emotional events in their lives. ( How you can determine if the little  finger is shorter than average,  is to measure it by closing it next to the ring finger of the same hand and decide if it’s ending tip comes up shorter than half way down on the tip phalange of the ring finger.)

If in the normal positioning of a person’s fingers you notice that their ring finger is always held very close to their middle finger, this person is not subconsciously open to letting another person get to know them intimately, until they are secure about sharing their themselves. This is shown in figure # 3a  at the placement of “D”.

There is a wonderful sign marked at “B” in figure #3a. This cross or “plus sign” when sitting under the first finger on the fleshy mount there, is universally accepted as a sign of a happy marriage in this lifetime.

See “E” in figure # 3 a – it shows a whorl finger print on the first finger. This is a sign of a very independent person who often has to have things go their way. They do things in an individualistic manner and will not follow the crowd. If you want an independent thinker for a mate this is a good signature. This signature is also positive if this finger isn’t also longer than average. But a person in a relationship with them must remember they are very independent at times and always individualistic. The owner of this type fingerprint will not be “clingy” within a relationship nor will they need the person with them all the time.

So when it comes to a telephone psychic reading do know that palmistry is possible.  All you need is to scan your palm and get that via email so the reader can interpret.



Psychic Readers Meet your Spirit Guides

Psychic ReadersPsychic readers meeting your spirit guide and guardian can be a very emotional and moving experience.  It can be a milestone in your psychic development.  You will realize that you are not walking lifes path alone.  Everyone has a guide and guardian.  Meeting and working with our guides is a very different and personal experience for each of us.

We all have many guides throughout our lives.  Each shows up as they are needed.  The guide we are going to meet is your main guide.  He is the one who acts as the door keeper while we do our psychic work.  He is the one who we ask for guidance and protection.  He has access to the higher powers and the higher realms where the universal knowledge is kept.

Some psychic readers use this meditation that  through the first time I met my spirit guide and guardian.  I would suggest that you have someone you trust read this for your or read it into a tape player and play it back.

Meditation for Meeting Your Spirit Guide and Spirit Guardian with a psychic reader

  1. Make sure that you are in a relaxed position.  No tight clothing and a firm connection to the floor.  You now have the universe energy coming from the sky into your crown charka and a flow of energy from the earth into your feet
  2. Take 3 deep cleansing breaths.  See a white light that goes through your body and picks up all negative energy and when you exhale it goes to the universe to be cleaned.
  3. Go through the steps you use to relax the parts of your body. Make sure your mind stays relaxed and alert.  This is an active meditation. You dont want to fall asleep.
  4. Now, in your minds eye, go to your magical workroom, or sacred space.  This is a place where only you and your guides can go.  When you get to the door there is a box.  Take this box and place in the box all of your worries. Close the lid. Leave them outside the door.
  5. Look around the room.  This is your space.  See it as you would like it to be.  Take time to look around.  Find a door at one end of the room.
  6. Open the door and see a very long hallway.  There are doors on the right and left side going down the hall.  It is so long that you cannot see the end.
  7. Step through the doorway and walk down the hall.  You see the doors as you pass but are not concerned with them now.
  8. You see some very large gold doors at the end of the hall.
  9. As go to these gold doors and place your hand on them, they swing open.
  10. Inside everything is fog.  You cannot see anything…
  11. You reach your hand into the fog and connect to a hand.  It becomes visible to you.
  12. Look at the hand.  Is it a male hand or a female hand? Look at the arm.  Is it male or female, thin or muscular, clothed or bare?  As you start to look further more is visible to you.  You see the shoulder.  What does it look like to you?  You look up a little further and see a head.  Does it have hair?  What color?  Is it male or female?  Look at the face.  What type of mouth, chin and cheeks?  Now look at the eyes?  You immediately feel the overwhelming love with this person.  Is this person human or from somewhere else?  You know immediately that they have been with you forever.  This is your spirit guide.  A guide travels with us through each lifetime.  They are always there for us waiting for us to call on them for their help.  Take a moment to talk to your guide.  Ask what name you should call them by.  You may get a nameif you dontdont worry you can call a guide by the feeling you have for them alone.  Ask your guide any questions you have.  If there is a special message for you, if they are there for a special purpose etc. This is your guide.  You may hug them or kiss them or anything you feel moved to do.
  13. Move to the right and put you hand back into the fog again and repeat the process.  This time the hand you find will be your guardian.  When you meet him/her look into his eyes and feel the love connection.
  14. Ask your guide and you guardian to come back with you.  Take their hands and walk back down the hall and enter your workroom.  They are the only ones you will ever find there.  If you ever need the help or protection of your guide or guardian you can come here and call on them.
  15. Take another look around and see if anything has changed.
  16. Now it is time to come back to waking.  Know that your guides are always there for you.  Call them anytime you need them.

Now go through your meditation process of coming back to the waking state.  If you feel really strong emotions upon coming back do not hold them in. This is a very moving experience for both the client and psychic reader.

Be sure to listen to Astrology podcast on Love Compatibility and Planet in the Signs.

Psychic Readings Connecting with Spirit Guides part 2

Psychic ReadingsPsychic readings have different styles to get you answers to love, career, finances, and more.

My spirit guides almost always connect to me in the form of a stage as a cast of actors.  Depending upon what help is needed for the questions at hand, my guides take on the appropriate costumes or sing appropriate songs.  The insightful information is loaded with rich symbolic imagery.

The connection between the physical world in a psychic reading as we perceive and the dimensions that spirit guides operate opens all kinds of possibilities.  There are certain points of etiquette with the connection that I observe with my spirit guides such as showing respect and gratitude to my guides for their help.  Everyone likes to be appreciated for their contributions and help including spirit guides.

There are as different types of guides as there are types of people in the physical worlds ranging from animal guides to mythical guides.  But it is so important to clear ones energy in order to perceive the right messages.  I learned this the hard way.

One morning I woke up late and jumped out of the bed running without time for my daily meditation routines.  I rushed all over the house looking for the car keys.  I was running late and finally when I head to the car I snagged my skirt in the car door.  I pulled the string and there unraveled a long part of the seam to my skirt. No time to go back in and change, I tried to hide the gap with my bag.  Finally I made it to my client’s shop and stubbed my toe on the curb. I walked to the door to notice the closed sign.  I drove back home and looked in my appointment book and noticed the appointment was for the following day!

One of my other guides, Mr. JT, came into view.  He can be a little trickster.  So he sat with a very truculent expression on his face.  He sat on the edge of his little stage swinging a set of colorful keys on his index finger of his left hand and on his right hand on a big red appointment book.  Mr. JT took an exaggerated breath and says I did try to tell you, but you We’ren’t listening.  You didn’t even say good morning to me!

This incident served a reminder why there is such emphasis on meditation and connection with my guides.  Without a good connection and show of respect for these helpful guides, answers may be very unreadable.  So taking the time to clear ones energy is crucial prior to reading and/or staring your day.

Psychic Connection to Spirit Guides Vary

PsychicPsychic readers have different styles in getting you answers. One of the ways each psychic reader varies in style is by the way of connection.

If you remember the story of Joan of Arc and how she heard voices leading her in the direction of her destiny, then perhaps you maybe thought that she was special. In reality, we all hear voices or spirit guides directing our footsteps. It is in learning how to distinguish these voices from our own or others that we may begin to learn about what our important mission is while here.


If your mind is too restless, it is hard to tell what voices are which and it can be confusing. This is where meditation is essential in everyday life. Begin each day with a simple 15 minute meditation paired with exercise and you will be well on your way to realizing the voices of the spirit guides.

Meditation doesnt have to take hours; it may even be for just 5 minutes with a great hypnosis MP3. Any type of deep breathing technique is useful in practicing meditation. The point is to get to the shift in consciousness. The place where you can feel like you can breathe better and your mind is clear.

Hearing Spirit Guides

Once this place is reached, it is easier to hear the spirit guides. All you have to do is listen to them call your name or ask a question and listen for the response. At this point, loosen up and the first thing that pops into your mind will be the answer. It could be in the form of talking, pictures, feelings, or even smells. There is a range of communication that the other side uses to speak to us.

Psychic Energy of the Guides and Action

Once you make contact with your spirit guides, you may feel so much better, like more energy has just entered into your field of space. Capitalize on this and act upon the information given to you. It could be all kinds of ideas or inventions, information that you need to write down for future use, or something that you need to do for someone. Everything that the spirit guides give to you is useful and beneficial to your life.

As you get more accustomed to practicing speaking to your spirit guides daily, it will be easier each day to make contact. You may find that everyday holds something new for you when you start acting upon the advice that they give to you. Putting this advice to use in your life will lead you to great things along your path.

Accepting meditation everyday for at least 5 minutes will awake you to the possibilities of the spirit guides. It is best if you contact them from the same place in your home each day since this opens a doorway in the area. The first step is essential to starting to contact the spirit guides. Why miss the opportunity? Everyone can contact them since every person has them. Joan of Arc may have had a special duty to perform, but we do also everyday. Find out what that task is by starting meditation (and exercise) today to contact your spirit guides.