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Psychic Telephone Readings – Love in the Hands

Psychic Telephone Readings
Psychic Telephone Readings are the most common question clients have when they come for a reading is “Tell me about my love life. – Will I have a happy love life?” 
Since I believe we create our own happiness I will not declare, “You will be happy” or say, “You will not be happy.” However,  as I look over their hands I can help a client understand his or her opportunities for happiness in their relationships. First I observe their whole hand,  front – the palm, and  back – the nail side of the hand, to note what is there to tell me more about their personality and how they present themselves to others, Then, I look to see what can make them happy in a relationship. Next, I study their hand with the purpose of seeing what is predicted as potential relationship activity for this life.

Never think that one element in your hand outline’s the whole story. Always it is best if at least three indications appear to present  the same concept before believing something could be true.

There are some fun Palmistry points and Hand-analysis facts that need to be looked at for checking about love relationships in  the hands. I have marked most of the points of interest for this lesson in black. I have traced a dotted line around a rather large fleshy area next to the thumb in the palm. Palmists look at the palm as a terrain. So can you. Hold your hand palm up and flat in a perpendicular position to your face in front of you and at eye level. When observed from this position the palm looks like an earthly  terrain with high  hills (mounts) and valleys. Palmists have names for each small region of this terrain in the palm.  Usually one of the larger mountains is what palmists call the “Mount of Venus” which connects the thumb area to the rest of the palm. This is the area I have traced with the dotted line.

Within this area- the Mount of Venus – I have marked a grid of intersecting lines with an arrow pointing to it from  the letter “A”.  The mount of Venus area of the palm is devoted to one’s love of life and sometimes shows a fullness to symbolize the depth of  love of life. When this mount is high, fleshy and very full, the person is full of passion for:  life, most of the events that happen in their lives and the people who are within their life. The grid or grille as palmists would call this design found at “A” in figure # 3a,  can tell you that you have “walled off ” your heart  from others lessening your attraction to connect with happiness both internal and external. This grid is usually not found on a high or full mount of Venus. This guarding of the heart, could be happening because you are still attached to someone from the past. If this grille design is simple – which means it is made up of just a few vertical and horizontal lines – it can mean that you are devoted to your present love interest and your heart is dedicated to that person alone. If you are not presently in a relationship the grid could symbolize bars, like the bars of a jail cell, where you keep your heart hidden and safely locked away because you are not sure you can trust someone or yourself  in a heartfelt and committed relationship. This type of  grid can cause great stress in any new relationship once it is underway and certainly can prevent a good relationship from ever getting started.

I like looking carefully for alphabet letters and designs that appear in the Mount of Venus area in a psychic telephone reading to help me read questions about love. Sometimes there are one or more initials of the client’s “significant other” shown here. If you notice there is an initial “T” in the area of the mount of Venus next to the grid in my design of figure # 3a. The “T” noted here is an example of what could be the initial of the first, middle or sir name of the intended love either presently available or upcoming into your life.

If the hand with a grid on the mount of Venus also has a short little finger like the one shown in figure # 3a,  placed by “C”, these two indications will demonstrate that the owner is not comfortable with sharing their emotions or communicating about their emotional events in their lives. ( How you can determine if the little  finger is shorter than average,  is to measure it by closing it next to the ring finger of the same hand and decide if it’s ending tip comes up shorter than half way down on the tip phalange of the ring finger.)

If in the normal positioning of a person’s fingers you notice that their ring finger is always held very close to their middle finger, this person is not subconsciously open to letting another person get to know them intimately, until they are secure about sharing their themselves. This is shown in figure # 3a  at the placement of “D”.

There is a wonderful sign marked at “B” in figure #3a. This cross or “plus sign” when sitting under the first finger on the fleshy mount there, is universally accepted as a sign of a happy marriage in this lifetime.

See “E” in figure # 3 a – it shows a whorl finger print on the first finger. This is a sign of a very independent person who often has to have things go their way. They do things in an individualistic manner and will not follow the crowd. If you want an independent thinker for a mate this is a good signature. This signature is also positive if this finger isn’t also longer than average. But a person in a relationship with them must remember they are very independent at times and always individualistic. The owner of this type fingerprint will not be “clingy” within a relationship nor will they need the person with them all the time.

So when it comes to a telephone psychic reading do know that palmistry is possible.  All you need is to scan your palm and get that via email so the reader can interpret.