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Psychic Readings Connecting with Spirit Guides part 2

Psychic ReadingsPsychic readings have different styles to get you answers to love, career, finances, and more.

My spirit guides almost always connect to me in the form of a stage as a cast of actors.  Depending upon what help is needed for the questions at hand, my guides take on the appropriate costumes or sing appropriate songs.  The insightful information is loaded with rich symbolic imagery.

The connection between the physical world in a psychic reading as we perceive and the dimensions that spirit guides operate opens all kinds of possibilities.  There are certain points of etiquette with the connection that I observe with my spirit guides such as showing respect and gratitude to my guides for their help.  Everyone likes to be appreciated for their contributions and help including spirit guides.

There are as different types of guides as there are types of people in the physical worlds ranging from animal guides to mythical guides.  But it is so important to clear ones energy in order to perceive the right messages.  I learned this the hard way.

One morning I woke up late and jumped out of the bed running without time for my daily meditation routines.  I rushed all over the house looking for the car keys.  I was running late and finally when I head to the car I snagged my skirt in the car door.  I pulled the string and there unraveled a long part of the seam to my skirt. No time to go back in and change, I tried to hide the gap with my bag.  Finally I made it to my client’s shop and stubbed my toe on the curb. I walked to the door to notice the closed sign.  I drove back home and looked in my appointment book and noticed the appointment was for the following day!

One of my other guides, Mr. JT, came into view.  He can be a little trickster.  So he sat with a very truculent expression on his face.  He sat on the edge of his little stage swinging a set of colorful keys on his index finger of his left hand and on his right hand on a big red appointment book.  Mr. JT took an exaggerated breath and says I did try to tell you, but you We’ren’t listening.  You didn’t even say good morning to me!

This incident served a reminder why there is such emphasis on meditation and connection with my guides.  Without a good connection and show of respect for these helpful guides, answers may be very unreadable.  So taking the time to clear ones energy is crucial prior to reading and/or staring your day.