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Psychic Rune Reading in Detail Part 1

Psychic Rune Readings Psychic Rune Readingsare are symbols inscribed on plastic, paper, wood, rock and any other material. One system of runes is called the Elder Futhark System.

This system originally had twenty-four letters, beginning with the letter F and ending with the letter O. The northern Germanic tribes of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Northern Germany used the Elder Futhark system of runes. Even the name Futhark comes from the first letter of the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido and Kauno.) That is quite a tongue twister!

The word rune comes from the Gothic word Runa, which means a secret thing or mystery. This gives a hint that these runes can be used as a form of divination to uncover the mystery or secret thing.

Psychic Rune Readings are very ancient. In fact some historians say runes first originated among the Teutonic tribes of northern Europe as long ago as 500 BC. Ancient runic inscriptions have also been found in North America. This could make us take a second look at the notion that the Vikings arrived in the Americas long before Columbus, but we wont go there!

Since the runes are ancient, much of what know about them comes from Norse Sagas. The first historical record of the use of runes for divination is found in Tacituss Germania.

Psychic Rune Readings are divided into three families called Aettir. Each Aettir is named after a Norse God. The first family or Aettir is Freyr, the Norse god of fertility. The second family is Hagal, the Norse god of weather. The third family is Tyr, the god of war.

Runes are able to represent objects, gods, people, animals, concepts, and occurrences. The major uses of runes that seem to present in my readings are in the form of concepts and in the form of advice. They help me see what action or affirmation is needed now in order to either achieve the goal sited on ones path or to try to alter ones path.

One good example of the use of runes is a person that has concerns and anxieties over their career. Her words tumble out in a stream of complaints and cries of frustration, My job is a dead end job! Every minute is an hour there! I can barely make it through the day, much less a whole week! Will I get a better job? What can I do in order to get a better job, more money? Taking these questions and consulting the runes, Fehu is drawn. The answer to your question has to do with your attitude. In order to break your cycle of lack, you must change your attitude. That job you just barely make it into on time be grateful you have that jobsomeone else wishes they had that job. Show pride in the work you do, it is an extension of yourself. You will be noticed for this. Start living as if you have abundance in your life and enough to share with others. This advice from the rune Fehu shows that speaking positive and thinking positive thoughts will attract positive energies of abundance.

This is just a small sample of the advice that runes can give you. But note, all tools are secondary when blended with natural Psychic ability. This is just one of the ways I give you my forecast.