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Psychics - Origins of Runes And Their History

The origins of runes are lost in history, although they can be traced as far back as 200 BC. Scholars have come up with many different theories about their origins though no one knows how or by whom they were first made. The various uses of the symbols probably evolved over time from strictly practical pieces of communication to symbols that We're used for divination.

Learning to read the runes takes much time and study. Studying the runes can be difficult because rune working died out in the seventeenth century. This has left only fragmentary literary sources to tell us what the runes mean. None of the literature tells us what the symbols on the runes represent. Modern rune lore is therefore based not only on study and tradition, but also on psychic intuition and opinions.
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Psychic Scrying

Scrying, (pronounced to rhyme with crying), is a form of divination that enables one to see the future, or past / present by gazing into a crystal, pool, mirror or other reflective medium. One enters an altered state to gain access beyond a veil. Images often come in the form of symbols that are interpreted.

Scrying works along principle of the Ganzfeld effect state. For example, if you ever layed in bed gazing at a point in the ceiling until you begin to notice movement of images? Did you ever have to stand/sit in the corner as a child? While gazing at the wall before you suddenly become aware your seeing images? If you have, then you have experienced the Ganzfeld state. Images often come in this hypnotic state. Children are more in tune with this than adults.
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Voice Vibes in Telephone Psychic Readings

Each and every individual person that can speak has voice vibrations. These voice vibrations are as unique as each individual person's DNA. Just like there are no two snowflakes alike, there are no two persons voice vibrations the same. It is so unique that scientists have found that they can actually identify a person by their voice recordings. There have been studies that have suggested that if the mother and or father talk to their unborn child, the child is born with healthier brain function. Talking to the unborn child also develops a greater bond between the child and the parents.

In a telephone psychic reading, voice vibrations are a very helpful tool. The vibrations help me to connect better with my clients as well as help me to tune in with my spirit guides and my client's spirit guides.
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